The body constantly seeks a state of equilibrium. At Health Healing Energy Ph.D. our focus is to achieve a spherical relationship between the body, mind, and spirit which is the key to optimal health. We help you access your body’s healing power which is always present within you.

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Everything in Life Has a Rhythm - Joining the Dance of Abundance

Everything in Life Has a Rhythm - Joining the Dance</u> of Abun<u>dance</u>

Everything in life has a rhythm. The universe, or cosmos as it is referred to, is seen as a well-ordered whole with everything we can touch, feel, sense, measure, or detect working together. In the context of such harmony, everything is present. There is an abundance of love, happiness, wealth, health, and the whole lot of our needs on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level. Abundance is where all our needs are met with disco.

Waking up tuned into the channels of abundance that emanates energy, spirit, love, forgiveness, respect to ourselves and the world, health, and healing puts us in a pragmatic position for a productive and vibrant day, where nothing stands in our way. Connecting to the rhythmic flow and adapting a mindset of rhythmic thinking gives us the mental strength needed to come closer to our goals. It also activate our body’s healing power that is always present within us.

Not being flexible creates friction in establishing coherence in this seamless circle of goodness that is always present. Trying to control our tasks, activities, interactions, and relationships creates a gap between us and abundance. It may seem that control can push us closer in the direction of success, but this route depletes us of energy and does not bring us to true harmony and balance.

The key to success is channeling into abundance made possible with a flexible mindset. Turning ideas around in your mind, envisioning things from many perspectives, and finding one that works for you, is flexibility in practice. Being elastic about our goals lets us connect the smaller dots in life into memorable minutes, hours, days, fortnights, months, and years. Continue ever upward with this open approach and allow the endless flow of abundance to embrace you. Everything in life has a rhythm; join in the dance.

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