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The body constantly seeks a state of equilibrium. At Health Healing Energy Ph.D. our focus is to achieve a spherical relationship between the body, mind, and spirit which is the key to optimal health. We help you access your body’s healing power which is always present within you.

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At Health Healing Energy Ph.D . we honor our body’s attempt to return to optimal health ,
healing, and energy. We do so through ancient advice of detoxification that is designed to
rebuild, with easy to follow directions in the convenience of your home. We believe you
deserve to radiate confidence and love. Smile.

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Health Healing Energy Ph.D.


Kapil Tare

The Loving Muscle - Our Heart

It’s the heart that matters most. It’s the heart that transforms the physical properties of an event to create a memora ...

Kapil Tare

Supplementation - Supplements To Real Food, Not Replacements

Vitamin C is not just a chemical. In food it is always combined with flavonoids, enzyme, and other substances that scie ...

Kapil Tare

COVID-19 - We Are In This Together

The PRECONDITIONS necessary to make our HOME the residence for optimal development, is to make sure it KEEPs us SAFE by ...

Kapil Tare

Everything in Life Has a Rhythm - Joining the Dance of Abundance

Connecting to the rhythmic flow and adapting a mindset of rhythmic thinking gives us the mental strength needed to come ...

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