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Supplementation - Supplements To Real Food, Not Replacements

Supplementation - Supplements To Real Food, Not Replacements

The optimal way to nourish our body with vitamins and minerals is through eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Although a supplement can be used as a temporary solution to make up for a deficiency in our diet, they cannot entirely replace the benefits of eating real foods, making supplementation a short-term solution.    

If our body has the ability to utilize just about any vitamin or mineral supplement, then we can simply consume nails and rocks to make up for our nutrient deficiencies. Obviously, our body cannot break down minerals in such an inorganic form, even more – it can be poisonous. Why? Our body can tell apart organic vitamins contained in food from inorganic or synthetic vitamins. 

The striking difference between organic and inorganic vitamins is that vitamins in food rarely, if ever, are found in isolated states. Rather, it is combined with other co-nutrients such as phytochemicals, amino acids, and enzymes. This complex combination of phytochemicals, amino acids, and enzymes is needed for our body to be able to break down and make the most use of the nutrients contained in the foods we eat. Vitamins in isolated form are of little use to the body. It is most effective when it works synergistically with the substances that are present in real food sources.

This phenomenon was seen in an experiment that the biochemist Svent Gyorgyi conducted. He isolated ascorbic acid, a.k.a. vitamin C, from food to cure scurvy. The isolated vitamin C was not able to entirely remedy scurvy. It merely postponed its onset and reduced its symptoms. In contrast, when vitamin C from peppers were used, it cured scurvy completely. This is because vitamin C is not just a chemical. In food it is always combined with flavonoids, enzyme, and other substances that scientists have yet to discover, that are needed synergistically for vitamin C to be biologically potent.  

Additionally, when we ingest synthetic supplements our body is tasked with the job of eliminating parts that it cannot utilize. This elimination process requires the use of enzymes. And, anything that requires the body to expend energy by wasting enzymes is less than ideal for our overall health and wellbeing. Ultimately, not only do we not fully benefit from synthetic supplementation, but we also withdraw energy from our body’s reserves. 

At Health Healing Energy Ph.D. we search for live foods that our body can benefit from in a real way. Introducing the Share-Original® FERMENTED FRUIT. The FERMENTED FRUIT is a real apricot, kept in its most natural state during the entire production process and the most convenient super food. Grab one of this great tasting FERMENTED FRUIT and make sure to pay attention to the pit inside.

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  • Wow! This article is really bringing across a true point. And that is why I love the fermented fruit.

    Tommy Weing

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