The body constantly seeks a state of equilibrium. At Health Healing Energy Ph.D. our focus is to achieve a spherical relationship between the body, mind, and spirit which is the key to optimal health. We help you access your body’s healing power which is always present within you.

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About Us

Our Mission

At Health Healing Energy Ph.D. we honor our body’s attempt to return to optimal health, healing, and energy. We do so through ancient advice of detoxification that is designed to rebuild, with easy to follow directions in the convenience of your home. We believe you deserve to radiate confidence and love. Smile.

Our Vision

All people achieve and radiate optimal health in a disease-free world.

Our Team

It is all about teamwork at Health Healing Energy Ph.D. We know we cannot do it alone; we must help each other, help each other. With this positive vibration of our caring culture, we create a ripple effect of transforming lives beyond measure.

Our Products

We take pride in our premium products that naturally return your body to a natural and vibrant health. Each product is designed to empower the body to return to wholeness.

Family-friendly, with every cell in mind. Excellent results define Health Healing Energy Ph.D. products.

Our Heritage

From ancient history to present day science, our approach to health has not changed, with phenomenal results. We are testing products since 1911 with Grandma’s wisdom and natural lifestyle; continuing to the next generation.

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