The body constantly seeks a state of equilibrium. At Health Healing Energy Ph.D. our focus is to achieve a spherical relationship between the body, mind, and spirit which is the key to optimal health. We help you access your body’s healing power which is always present within you.

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Powered Eye/I - Health Healing Energy Ph.D.

Powered Eye/I 


Passive vision compared to active seeing – nutrition and exercise are the differentiating factors.   



Millions of people have impaired vision, yet 80% of vision problems worldwide are statistically said to be avoidable. Nutrition & exercise are promising ways to protect, support, and enhance eye health**.

See the big picture with Powered Eye/I. Designed with a focus on eye health, Powered Eye/I helps with focusing and concentration, relaxing eye muscles for far and near-sighted, and clearer vision**. Powered Eye/I is the “I” self-care package for “I” sight until 120/20.


Powered DHA

DHA is a major structural and functional fat found in concentration in the photoreceptor of the retina**. Our plant sourced DHA is derived from micro-algae and is in the most premier form to support continued eye function and development as well as protect the eyes from dryness**.

Ph.D. 120/20

Ph.D. 120/20 is a blend of supreme eye nutrition including Lutein and Zeaxanthin that accumulate in the retina and specifically in the macula region**. Combined with a host of other botanicals, Ph.D. 120/20 supports better vision and protects the eyes**.

Visual Care Glasses    

Visual care glasses make use of the “pinhole effect” allowing you to focus clearly by direct light rays into the eyes. Visual care glasses can promote relaxed eyes, increase your focusing power and provide relief from eye strain**. A safe, relaxing and completely natural vision exercise that can be worn for distance or close viewing.



Product highlights:

  • Full colored brochure with product information and usage instructions
  • An easy to follow eye nutrition & exercise program that takes only minutes a day
  • 60-day supply for both supplements with lifetime pinhole use
  • Premium quality supplements manufactured in accordance to cGMP
  • Supplements sold separately for re-supply, as needed  
  • Kosher certification for supplements are pending 
  • Glasses are a one size fits all. (measures 6 inches from temple to temple) 
  • Protective pouch for glasses included 












**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  

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Powered Eye/I 


Passive vision compared to active seeing – nutrition and exercise are the differentiating factors.   

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